Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chanel Cruise Collection To Be Launched In Miami

Karl Lagerfeld has confirmed the the next Chanel cruise collection will be presented in May in Miami. FWD is reporting that Chanel's top dog has confirmed to take the next Chanel cruise collection to the Miami runway in mid-May. Details, including the precise date, still need to be confirmed, but Miami is the home to some of the most expensive docs in the world. Considering Lagerfeld`s love for transport-themed places there are many potential venues in Miami.

This event is destined to be fabulous! I can see a nautical based theme with a yacht inspired runway. Lots of navy blues, yellows, blacks and whites. Oohh, I can't wait! Town & Runway will attempt to provide on the ground coverage. Stay tuned!


Boomer said...

Great news!! Feel free to ask for help if you need it- ANYTHING to see a Chanel show someday!!! :->

Town and Runway said...

Thanks! I'm *planning* to be there :)